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Google Plus LogoWanting to get on Google+, but can’t sign up because of you lack an invite? Worry no more, Google+ Planet can provide you an invitation to get you run and running on this new social network?

How to get one

It’s easy! Simply comment on this post using your e-mail or e-mail me at icechen1 [at], and I will send you an invite as soon as possible. Your e-mail address will only be used in order to send you the invite you need, nothing malicious or spam.

We would appreciate it if you could give us a like, +1, tweet and spread the word so more people can know of this free service, the more people we invite, the quicker Google+ can gain momentum, every user counts!

Please note that Google+ has a few restrictions regarding registration, they may limit the sign-ups if they are over capacity. Also, minors under the age of 18 cannot sign up yet.

Please allow a while before I can send you the invites due to Google delaying it, or I am asleep or away.

If you got an account, feel free to add me on Google+, my profile is here.

Update: Please refrain from writing your e-mail address within your comment, to avoid spam-bots collecting your address. Entering it in the e-mail section in the comment form or send me an e-mail is enough. :)



  1. Google plus invite pleaseeeee!

  2. Google plus Invite please

  3. I would realllllly like an invite

  4. I would love to try it out, but can’t find anyone who has to invite me. Please send me 1 to Thanks!

  5. Free Google+ Invites giveaway via @icechen1

  6. Pleeeeeeaaasee give me one! Thank you:

  7. I’d really appreciate if you could invite me!
    Thanks in advanced!
    Cyn P. recently posted..Increase Your Web Traffic!My Profile

  8. That was really fast! I got it! Thanks!
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  9. I need an invite!! It would be much appreciated!

  10. can some one send me an invitation i would realy love to join google+

  11. WOW That was fast thanks for the invitations.

  12. can you send me one invite? Thanks

  13. I want an invite too! Thank you!

  14. Could i have one too? Thanks!

  15. Could I have an invite plz –

  16. One for me please :-)

  17. Please send me an invite too. Much appreciated kind sir :)

  18. I’d love one ;-)

  19. pls send me an invite……..

  20. kindly sent an invitation so i can spread google plus like a wildfire in the philippines. thank you so much. regards.

    kindly sent me an invitation so can spread google plus like a wildfire in our place. thank you so much. regards.

  21. please invite me!!!!

  22. All invited! I don’t have the time to respond to all of your comments, but the invites are sent! Enjoy.
    icechen1 recently posted..Free Google+ Invites giveawayMy Profile

    • Thanks for the invite. I managed to sign up before receiving the invite you sent me so I haven’t used it, thanks all the same.

  23. ps send me an invite. thanx

  24. Please send me an invite, would be much appreciated.

  25. Love the invites plz

  26. Hi – please invite me as well. Much appreciated and thanks in advance.

  27. I’d love to have one too. Thanks in advance! :)

  28. Thank you so much!! works great.

  29. I would like a Google Plus invite. Thanks

  30. hey may i get an invite ? thank

  31. Please invite me <3 it would mean a lot =]

  32. Invite would be appreciated.

  33. Google + invite please ;-)

  34. Just sent another batch, enjoy!
    icechen1 recently posted..Be warned of malicious and fake Google plus invitesMy Profile

  35. Free Google+ Invites giveaway via @icechen1

  36. Hi there can i have an invite please

  37. I’d like an invite, too! Thanks so much!

  38. Hi there can i have an invite please i would really appreciate it

  39. sorry didnt mean to post twice

  40. Google + invite please

  41. Just did another batch of invites, have fun.
    icechen1 recently posted..Be warned of malicious and fake Google plus invitesMy Profile

  42. I would love an invite please

  43. I would love an invite

  44. I’d love an invite, please!

  45. I would like one too.

  46. invite please

  47. Could I have one?
    Thanks for this!

  48. invite please please please
    Many thnaks!!!!

  49. invite please please please
    Many thanks!!!!

  50. Would you please send me a google plus invitation as well?? :)

  51. I would very much appreciate an invite, as well.
    Thank you so much, you’re fantastic! :3

  52. I would love love to try google + my email is

  53. invite please :)

  54. I would love a invite if that’s still possible!

  55. An invitation would be most appreciated!

    Thank you

  56. Sent a batch of them again. Please remember to +1 us if possible :)
    icechen1 recently posted..Google+ for businesses is coming soonMy Profile

  57. I would like an invite please! :_

  58. Can I have an invite please? Thank you!

  59. I want to Join!! Please send me an invitation @
    Thank you !!!!

  60. Invite please. (and thanks in advance)

  61. I would appreciate an invite as well. Thank you!…:)

  62. Could i get an invite, please. Look i even used correct grammer.

  63. Google+ invite please!

  64. Invite please

  65. Please send me a Google+ invite! I really want to try it out, thank you :)

  66. Please send me and invite Thanks!

  67. please invite me…………………. :) :) :) :) :)

  68. can i have a invite please

  69. invite me please :D (

  70. Thanks for the response, just sent a bunch again. Enjoy.
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  71. invite me please

  72. Hi, can you send me a G+ invite?

  73. Thanks man, this was really fast.

  74. Could I get an invite please. It is


  75. Please send me the invite i would like one too

  76. icechen1 plzzz do sent me a google+ invite i really want to join it

  77. my email id is

  78. Invite me please! :D

  79. Hello

    Please invite me !

    My Google ID :

  80. I want to get invited please !!!

  81. Here is my email thank you so much !!!

  82. I would love to try Google + I hope I can get an invite from you guys

  83. Thank you icechen1 I got it…….. awesome!!!

  84. Thanks. Please send me an invite when you are able to send the next batch of invites. Great Service and I put a +1, a twitter msg, and a Like. More importantly I will always recall who sent me the google+ invite like I do the person who sent me my first gmail invite.
    Be well. Thanks again.

  85. Received a text from some1 you were kind enough to send an invite to. Would appreciate and use one as soon as you get around or have more invites to send. I did +1, but don’t use FB.
    Thank you. I owe you in advance.

  86. Please!! I’ve retweeted (@iclickuk) and shared on FB.

  87. And i’ve plus +1′d you :)

  88. I want to get invited. My
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  89. Google+ invite please.

  90. hey pls send me agoogle plus invite………………


  92. Please invite me to google plus please, my email is

  93. i live in iran we have not free internet in this country !!! i connect with vpn !!! because i love gooooogle+ please send invite to my email thank you very mutch

  94. Please send me invite as well!

  95. can you add me aswell

  96. Please send me an invite, Thanks!

  97. Please send me an invite, Thanks!!

  98. i would like an invite, thanks!

  99. Can you please invite me thanks!!! :)

  100. Sorry I didnt say my email thanks again :)

  101. I already sent you an email to the email you referred but in case you haven’t noticed it yet, can you please send me a Google Plus invite to my email? Please <3

  102. Please invite!! :-) (you have been +1′d)

  103. please send me an invite to join google plus! :D Thanks!

  104. hello
    could you give an invite
    thank you

  105. Please send me an invitation of google plus. my email is

  106. Sir,i want a google+ link to join,pz send me on

  107. INVITE ME!!!

  108. Google Plus Invite Please!!!

  109. Interesting blog
    Would like an invite if there’s more

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  111. please invite me …..!!!!!!!!!!

  112. hey can you please invite me?

    thanx in advance :D

  113. Can i please get an invite! Thanks =)

  114. I already have a Google+ account so that I do not need one right now… but thanks for giving such a opportunity….
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  115. invitation plz :)

  116. Invite pleaze

  117. I’d appreciate an invite if you still have any left.


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  122. Would love an invite :)

  123. Thank you for this service; can’t wait to try g+… please invite me.

  124. Would love an invite if you would be so kind!

  125. People who want an invitation, please include your email in the message box so that any member can invite you. This will ensure a quick invitation.

  126. I’d love an invite, cheers!

  127. could you please sent me an invitation code

  128. Please invite me
    Awseome service — Thanks alot

  129. I found this post by googling “free invite google+ september 2011″

    Please send me an invite, thanks,

  130. Hey i hope im not too late for this…please invite me…

  131. Really want an invite please

  132. If you could, please send me an invite! Thank you so much!!!

  133. Can anyone invite me please?! would really appreciate it!

  134. please please please add me in yOur google account ….. :)

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