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Google +1 button updated, now faster and asynchronous


+1 Button from Google gets updatedSome webmasters have reported that Google’s Plus One (+1) button can slow down their blog and web site quite a bit. The good news is that Google reported to have addressed this issue and made the publisher button 3x as fast than before.

A source of complaint is that the JavaScript code needed to load the button is slow, therefore degrading the site speed and quality. That’s why some webmasters are reluctant to add the button on their site. It shouldn’t be a problem anymore as it’s now faster than ever! No changes in the code are needed in order to enjoy the decreased loading speed, it should take effect autonomously.

Another addition is the ability to set the buttons to load asynchronously so the buttons will load independently of the page, reducing load times and will not “block” the page loading. However, you will need to generate a new code in order to use it. Simply go to Google’s +1 button code generator and select “Asynchronous” in the Advanced options.

Have you implemented this new button? Is it faster than the older version?Share your results and comment below!

Here’s the official announcement from Google regarding this update:

We’re happy to announce two simple updates that will make both the +1
button and the page loading it, faster.
Speed is is super important to us and we have been working hard to
improve the load time of the +1 button.  Over the past few days, we’ve
been rolling out a set of changes that make the button render up to 3x
faster on your site.  Webmasters don’t need to do anything to get this
speed increase, it’s just faster now.We’re also introducing a new asynchronous snippet for the button.
It’ll allow your web page to continue loading while your browser
downloads the +1 JavaScript. By loading these elements in parallel,
we’re ensuring that loading the +1 button JavaScript doesn’t lead to
an increase in the loading time of your page. For those of you who
have already implemented the button, if you now use this async snippet
you should see an overall improvement in your page load time.If you haven’t already implemented the +1 button on your site, we’re
excited for your first experience to be a fast one. This is a great
opportunity to allow your users to recommend your site to their
friends, potentially bringing in more qualified traffic from Google
+The Google+ project Developer team



  1. I managed to minify the new async code to win a few bytes on each request, as for Google analytics, you can grab it here if you are interested :
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  2. I think Google Plus will take down Facebook and growth more.
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  3. I wonder if there is a way to use custom made button styles instead the stanbdart button! I´m realively sure that it´s possible, but does anyone knows how?
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  4. Yeah, I’ve seen that Google+ 1 button is now updated with a new look, it’s much beautiful than the previous one…
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