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Remember the Google +1 button introduced a while back? The button allowed Google Users to recommend a web site in search results, but little can be done to share the web page with friends using the button.

Fortunately, Google just improved it by adding a few goodies and improvements to it. First off, much like Facebook’s old Share button, content can be posted to your Stream as +Snippets for your followers to see. The content that gets shared can be customized by the webmaster using the attributes as detailed on Google’s blog.  

annotations google plus buttonThen, another addition called Inline annotations  is also added as an option when creating a +1 button. Just like the Facebook Like button, a list of friends who +1 the same page and their display pictures are displayed right next to the button itself.

These two additions are great for users and webmasters, as it allows users to promote websites much easier and more effectively. The two features are still being lowing rolled out and will be available to all in the following weeks or so.


  1. This is a very good review about buttons update. It will surely be loved by users.
    Shika Floranza Cudail recently posted..עיסוי ספורטאיםMy Profile

  2. Well, that is sure a good thing if they improve Google+. It will serve as a big help for everyone. Job well done Google.
    Mark Errol recently to sell my timeshareMy Profile

  3. I’ve been strongly considering putting G+ button on my site. I was just reading an article where these speculation that it may play a part in search results in the future. Not sure how true that is. But I can image it’s growth exploding if it does

  4. Some reviews says that Google+ is currently affecting the search results right now but I’m not so sure how accurate that news is.
    Tanya Johnson recently posted..סנדלים תנכיותMy Profile

  5. I really appreciate this article you have shared ,we all know that nowadays we can consider Google plus as an social media site.
    Alice Santos @ Travel Wisconsin recently posted..Know Some Helpful Ways on How to Get Out Of DebtMy Profile

  6. 5 stars for Google+ for having +Snippets and Inline annotations! With these 2 amazing features, our marketing campaigns for promoting our websites will be much more effective and easier than before. Good job Google!
    Michelle Antonette recently posted..Accounting SoftwareMy Profile

  7. Sounds really well for us blogger and marketer!
    Benjamin Hübner recently posted..Easy Wp SEO Plugin ReviewMy Profile

  8. This is good for users especially on online workers.
    Grace Abrenicia @ Travel Wisconsin recently posted..אתרים לפעוטותMy Profile

  9. Do this Google + really affect the search results? because when a user vote for a website does google read this site to be a good site and rank it up to searches?
    Amanda Rose recently posted..mark nason bootsMy Profile

  10. Hey Amanda that’s really Google + is one the best in this year they have complete accessories for every one. they have games chat and u can search what you want to search..
    Alice Santos recently posted..Home Security Systems Do It YourselfMy Profile

  11. The plus button is a great idea but… how about security and privacy?

    When you click +1 you don’t know who is getting your preference, here are two examples from my blog…
    matteo recently posted..Google +1 button security concernsMy Profile

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