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Facebook blocking G+ invite links?


An interesting video popped up on Facebook, it seems that the social networking giant Facebook is blocking Google Plus invite links from friend’s feeds. We haven’t verified this for ourselves yet and we do not know if it’s true or just an uncanny coincidence.


  1. Wow! DO they think this helps to “beat google+”? Don´t know if it´s true.
    Benjamin Hübner recently posted..Google Plus One WordPress PluginsMy Profile

  2. Thanks for sharing this info! I am using Gmail for my personal use.
    Shikha Floranza recently posted..Security HouseMy Profile

  3. Brilliant review , i have my Gmail account but its for private use.
    Monique Grace recently posted..ביטוח משכנתהMy Profile

  4. Very interesting thought on Facebook! I like the idea on blocking invite links. Because i am having a hard time deleting invites.
    Divine @ Travel Wisconsin recently posted..בית אבות סיעודיMy Profile

  5. Monique, Me too. I am using it for private purposes.
    Shika Floranza recently posted..עיסוי ספורטאיםMy Profile

  6. Haha lol no surprise there. i can’t seem them wanting to help G+. I thin kas time goes people will gravitate to one or the other. Most people don’t’ have time to fully maintain 2 social networks

  7. Facebook is a little bit intimidated with its biggest rival Google so I think its only natural for Facebook to block any participation with Google.
    Tanya Johnson recently posted..נעלי נשיםMy Profile

  8. I am also not sure about this, but when I’ve posted an invite link coming from my Google+ account, my friends haven’t seen any news feed from me. After posting it I haven’t seen any notifications that it was blocked, so I’m sure that it was posted. But I didn’t saw it in the home page.
    Mark Errol recently posted..Good Business Plan TemplateMy Profile

  9. Im’ glad that facebook is working out to block invites.
    Grace Abrenicia @ Travel Wisconsin recently posted..דיאטהMy Profile

  10. Lets wait for further evidence if ever facebook really blocks the invites coming from google +.
    Amanda Rose recently posted..לקויות למידהMy Profile

  11. Is that real Grace this is great now we con block our enemy friends thanks for the update.
    Alice Santos recently posted..Residential SecurityMy Profile

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