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Games comes to Google Plus


Google Plus Games

If there’s one difference many Facebook users will notice when migrating to Google+, it’s the lack of user made apps. With the announcement of the rumored Games integration within Google Plus, you can get your game fix on Google+, too!

Games are being rolled out on a gradual basis, and you may not be able to see it just yet. If you are among the lucky ones, you should see a new button on the top sidebar. Simply click it and you can start playing games! There are currently 16 games available like Angry Birds, Bejeweled, Zombie Lane, Edge World and other popular casual games.

Games at Google Plus launch

A list of games available right now

A big advantage Games+ has over Facebook’s platform is the separation of game related updates in a separate Stream, so you will not get spammed from Application notifications like Facebook. It really brings the best of both worlds.

However, unlike Facebook, not everyone can develop games for Google Plus just yet. Potential developers must apply with Google in order to be granted the ability to publish their games on the platform, as they are following a quality before quantity philosophy. Hopefully, the gates will be opened for everyone to openly develop in the future, but it is highly hypothetical.


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  2. No games yet in my Google+ acount. I will then continue to use till further notice. However, these classcial games like Angry Birds, Bejeweled and Sudoku are around on hundreds of sites free to play and download.

  3. Now we can imagine that Google + may overtake Facebook by bringing latest and interesting games… :D
    DJ ARIF@Islam recently posted..How To Make Wudu In Proper WayMy Profile

  4. I think the gaming feature facebook offers is the main factor for the high amount of time spend by many people there!

    Just hoping that the games invitations are not as annoying like they are on Facebook!
    Benjamin Hübner recently posted..Google Plus One WordPress PluginsMy Profile

  5. I think putting games on google is a good idea. Having games on web pages like facebook will enjoy the time being by users and at the same time, it is a self relief.
    Grace Abrenicia @ Travel Wisconsin recently posted..used lawn mowersMy Profile

  6. Gaming features in google is a good idea. It attracts users.
    Shikha recently posted..Best Alarm SystemMy Profile

  7. This is great, I hope they have Angry birds to in google + because I love to play Angry Birds.
    Alice Santos recently posted..הריון תאומיםMy Profile

  8. Hi Ice,
    This is great, I hope they have Angry birds to in google + because I love to play Angry Birds.
    Alice Santos recently posted..male gential wartsMy Profile

  9. Shikha, You are right! Games added here will attracts users and at the same time it would probably self relief.
    Grace Abrenicia @ Travel Wisconsin recently posted..How to Get Out Of DebtMy Profile

  10. I’ve tried some games on Google+ and it seems fun. but compared to the games present on Facebook, I think Facebook games are more addictive.
    Tanya Johnson recently posted..Residential SecurityMy Profile

  11. phew i couldn’t cope without the games, do you think they will have angry birds or mafia wars?
    mary Jones recently posted..My forex journey tipsMy Profile

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