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Hangsout now integrated with YouTube


Ever wanted to watch a video with your friends? You could send it via IM to them, but they won’t be able to watch it in real time with you.

Youtube Hangout

Today, Google added a feature that allows Google+ users to start a Hangout straight from the video sharing options, without leaving the page. Simply click the “Share” button under the video player and click on “Start a Google+ Hangout” to get started!

The feature is being rolled out gradually, and should be visible in the original YouTube interface as well as the Cosmic Panda update.

Watching YouTube videos within Hangouts is a feature that’s working since the service’s introduction last month. Still, it’s a small gesture that shows Google’s confidence with its own social network. By integrating Plus with other products, Google can easily grab more active users and better compete with Facebook.


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