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Twitter users may have found it difficult to follow celebrities and other popular figures on Google+ due to it’s lack of suggested people to follow. When you sign up for Twitter, you will be greeted with a huge list of celebrities to follow, making it very easy to find and to connect with various stars.

Now, something very similar is being implemented to Google+, according to a tweet by Google’s Vice President of product:

We’re about to pilot a ‘suggested user’-like mechanism on Google+. If you’ve got more than 100k followers on Twitter, DM me – lets talk!

A list of various users with 100k+ followers is being complied for Google+ users to easily find and follow them. It’s being rolloed out gradually as time passes.

Sadly, I do not have access to this list and can’t give a impression of it. Have you used this brand new feature? Comment below!


  1. This article implements on how to follow on twitter. It is a very good reading material for users.
    Grace Abrenicia @ Travel Wisconsin recently posted..הריון תאומיםMy Profile

  2. How would you now if already reached 100++ followers?
    Shikha Floranza Cudail recently posted..דיאטהMy Profile

  3. Its good that Google + is upgrading its features to a more exciting and interesting way to socialize.
    Amanda Rose recently ugg bootsMy Profile

  4. I haven’t tried this new feature before either. I’m curious if weather this feature will work for the users.
    Brenda White recently posted..ביטוח משכנתהMy Profile

  5. It seems that Google plus is increasing in community, I never knew about this before until I have read your article. It looks like it has the same features like the twitter. and can be considered as one of the latest Social media site.
    Sandra Anderson recently posted..סנדליםMy Profile

  6. I do not also have any experience using the list because ever since I started joining Google+ I can’t get an access to the list. I wonder why I can’t get into it, but what I’m trying to know is if it is only available to a limited number of users. Anyone who can help me with this.
    Michelle Antonette recently posted..Good Business Plan TemplateMy Profile

  7. Like you I have also no any idea how to access this list. I’ve been trying to get access on it, but up to now nothing is still happening. It’s so frustrating because others can and I can’t. I think we should ask Google Labs directly about this.
    Giezel Ann recently posted..Business ProposalMy Profile

  8. It is best also if they group them according to their genre. All the action stars should be grouped and all comedy stars should be group etc.. so users can easily browse through them.
    Cara Tan recently posted..male gential wartsMy Profile

  9. Cara, You have a point. It must be organized.
    Shikha Floranza Cudail recently posted..דיוור אלקטרוניMy Profile

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