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List of Google+ profile URL shorteners


One major downside with Google’s handling of profiles is the horrendously long  and complicated URL that is assigned to you. Right now, the only “official” way to access your profile is through a long string of numbers like It’s not pretty, and it’s extremely hard to remember unless you have magic memory. Unfortunately, Google+ currently offers no option to enable a shorter, custom URL like Facebook( and Twitter(

googleplus URL

The good thing is, there are quite a few unofficial profile URL shortening services around that can temporarily solve the problem, at least until Google implements something similar. You can use these services to turn your long URL to something like

There are no visible difference between the different services and they’re all free, so the service you choose is all up to your personal choice. Of course, you can get your own URL at all four of the sites without a problem.

Once you have registered your own URL, you can effortlessly share your profile with the world! It’s perfect for business cards, IMs messages, e-mail signatures, and more!

These services are not owned and operated by Google, so they can go offline at any moment’s notice, and Google is not responsible for whatever that happens.

Know other vanity URL services? Comment below! [some info via BLOG404]


  1. I think it will be much easier for the users of Google+ to access their accounts if Google will create a shorter URL or a URL that is easier to memorize. I’m sure everyone will love this.
    Mark Errol recently posted..Best Accounting SoftwareMy Profile

  2. Some URL shorteners don’t give easy to remember URL’s but they successfully shortens the links. I’ve tried some link shorteners that you’ve given and they work fine.
    Cara Tan recently posted..רפלקסולוגיהMy Profile

  3. Hi are google profiles now changing to smaller url’s. Look what if found when searching today “Jean Sheehan” note two profiles but have a look at the URL’s for each. How does the second account get a short URL from Google?

    Jean Sheehan – Google Profile
    Noosa Heads – Principal & Director at Millennium Education & Absolute …
    “Principal of Millennium Education & Absolute Empowerment”
    Jean Sheehan is the author of the Millennium Modality™ & founder of …
    LinkedIn – millenniumtweet – Jean Sheehan

    Jean Sheehan – Google Profile
    Australia – English Teacher Retired
    Have lived in Australia for 41 years. Have two adult daughters and three grandkids, 24, 21, and16. Husband is cardiac nurse also retired. Have …
    Picasa Web Albums

  4. This will surely be easier for users to access Google instantly!
    Grace Abrenica recently posted..ראש השנהMy Profile

  5. This url shorteners is a great idea for us to use Google on an easy way and yes, for us to remember it shortly.
    Shikha Floranza Cudail recently posted..בגדים לילדיםMy Profile

  6. Forget about shortening. That is not the important issue at all!

    The important thing is to make it something you can remember.

    Being able to put name instead of id number is all that is needed.

    Having other URLS for it, is not a good idea.

  7. I don’t even see the point of any of these shorteners.

    In what situation would they be useful?

    - If you wanna tell someone by mouth how to find your google plus profile?
    For that, it’s not useful that they have to remember a separate website address, of whatever url shortener you chose. Telling them what name to search for would be better.

    - If you are going to put the url on a homepage, in a signature on a forum, in an email, you don’t need it. You can use the real url.

    I really hope people don’t use these shorteners, because they will only create more of a mess.

    If you really want to use a url shortener, you might as well use any other one. That it has gplus or similar in the name doesn’t really help.

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